Life and Peace

Today I read a wonderful tweet by The Venerable Dalai Lama. I do not recall the exact words but it said something like this:
The strangest thing about modern humans is that they sacrifice  health in pursuit of money, next they spend money on restoring their health, then they get anxious about future and pursue more money thinking they will never die, then they die never having lived.
This is so true dear friends. A wise person realizes that:
The most valuable thing to earn in life is peace. Happiness and good health is impossible without it. Rooting oneself in simplicity, being contented with little, with whatever can be acquired with ease and reasonable effort and good human values; one attains peace. One can not attain peace if ever in pursuit of more and if good human values are sacrificed in that pursuit.

Towards a Wonderful Life

What ever is our condition at this moment is due to our choices, thoughts and actions from our past. Mystics stretch this past not just into this life but previous lives also in order to explain our varying conditions at birth. We cannot change our past but the present and future is in our hands. Our choices, thoughts and actions at the present time shall contribute to the kind of future that is to follow.
All of our choices, thoughts and actions are a result of our personality and it is worth working on it in a way that takes us towards a life that is more wonderful than ever before. When we try to increase love, truth and simplicity in our lives than our personality improves; our thoughts as well as choices improve, taking us towards a wonderful life.


There are those who say they love God but how can one know if they do? There are those who say they do not believe in God, but in fact they do; how can one know if it is so?
God is the entire universe and whatever else there is beyond and within it that can not be perceived by the senses. Everything is a part of God. There is nothing else besides Him. Everything is His creation and all the life within it his children.
There is nothing but God or as the Arabs say - La Illaha il Allha
If one seems to love gods, angels and saints too, it is because they are the means through which a godly soul may communicate with the infinite Lord besides directly from within the heart, for the Infinite Lord does not communicate with words, His language is silence.
If the physical universe dissolves and emerges repeatedly as mystics proclaim, it is because the physical universe is the physical body of the Imperishable Lord just as your physical body is that for your imperishable soul and they are born …

Human Story in two Sentences

They buzz around, day after day, millions of bees, from flower to flowers, day after day, going to rest at night in their hives. Buzzing, buzzing, a thousand flowers a bee may visit but at the end of the day, the final story is between a bee and its queen
They buzz around, day after day, billions of humans, between dung heaps and gardens, weeping, laughing, a thousand other humans may a human visit but at the end of the day, the final story is between human and God.
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To be or not to be like a Sheep

When humans walk on paths that many others do, they feel safe and secure. It is because of it that most do it. It is to be safe like sheep in a flock. They push and irritate each other at times, even quarrel and destroy each others peace. Nevertheless they are safe from the wolf and there is even that joy for five minutes when they mate.
The odd sheep that leaves the flock may fall into a pit but a rare one may find that lovely pasture and garden with a kindly owner and end up in bliss or perhaps even show some of the others in the flock a new path towards abundance.
Dear readers, it is so with humans too. Most stick to well charted paths in their journey through life but there are some rare ones who leave the flock and chart their own daring course. Like the sheep, some end up in trouble, in prisons, on homeless streets as beggars but a few, the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Buddha or the saints lead humans to new levels of evolution.
A human may leave the flock for one of three…

On the Pursuit of Lust and Wealth

The pursuit of lust and wealth has many similarities
When one fails in pursuits of lust and wealth, one is left frustrated, at times in extreme ways, depending upon the intensity of pursuit.
When one succeeds in these pursuits one is left tired and even depressed in the former case and often stressed or miserable in the latter case.
If the acquisition of objects of lust and wealth are in dishonorable ways such as lusting with a prostitute or wealth through cheating or harming others then one is left diseased or disgusted in the first case and miserable, sick or imprisoned in the latter case.
When lust is satisfied as a part of and incidental to mutual romantic love or for procreation,
Wealth comes unasked as a gift from the Universe or as a result of one’s good works for improving lives of others, then it is a blessing and a joy one deserves.
If you happen to be one of these blessed persons, dear reader, then continue with your good works with even greater vigor and ab…